World of Warcraft users get another worry


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World of Warcraft users get another worry

Sexy girls are not always what they seem
By David Neal
Friday, 27 November 2009, 12:15

INSECURITY FIRM Sophos is warning World of Warcraft users to be on the look out for sexy strangers bearing dangerous gifts.
According to the company a new scam email is targeting users of the 'better than real life' game offering them rude photos and the chance to acquire a girlfriend - without actually having to shower and leave their musky bedroom.
The emails carry the beguiling subject line, "Do you like to find a girlfriend like me?", which should put off anyone but the most desperate of users, and contain the sort of text that would make Belle Du Jour weep.
"Wish to have a boyfriend
Be able to protect me, take care of me
Intolerable lonely night and would like to have your care.
do you Willing?
This is my photos."
By now World of Warcraft users are expected to be in a state of heightened sexuality, and of course are offered a .rar file supposedly containing photos of this mysterious paramour. Although some media is contained, and we let Graham Cluley at Sophos do the dirty work (cropped picture warning), an included video launches a Trojan horse designed to steal usernames and passwords.
"A surprising amount of malware is designed to steal registration keys, passwords and data from players of computer games," said Cluley. "This isn't just about doing better in a computer game. Criminals are stealing virtual assets like armour, money and weapons to trade for hard cash in the real world. Hackers love to exploit human weaknesses to break into users' computers, and images of a naked woman may prove hard for some to resist."
You have been warned. µ

World of warcraft users get another worry - The Inquirer

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