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    Talk about a Valentine's Day catch. A Vicksburg, Miss., man caught what may turn out to be the largest-ever alligator gar.

    Weighing in at 327 pounds, the nearly 8½-foot-long prehistoric-looking creature has a girth of 47.95 inches, WAPT.com reports.

    "At first I didn't think he was that big. But as I was getting him into the boat, it was like, 'How big is this thing?'" said Kenny Williams of the fish he angled in Mississippi's Chotard Lake.

    Angler Kenny Williams of Vicksburg, Miss., landed an alligator gar on Feb. 14, 2011, that tipped the scales at 327 pounds, possibly a new record for the species. The current International Game Fish Association record belongs to a 279-pounder pulled from the Rio Grande in Texas in 1951.

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