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    Polish Town of Swiebodzin Constructs World's Largest Jesus Statue

    People all over the world look up to Jesus -- but none look up to him more than residents of the Polish town of Swiebodzin.

    The small village is now home to the world's largest statue of Jesus Christ, which rises 115 feet and rests atop a 55-foot-tall pedestal, according to the Krakow Post.

    At a total height of 170 feet, Poland's enormous Jesus -- officially called "Christ the King" -- is taller than sky-scraping statues of Christ in Concordia, Bolivia, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which have become popular tourist destinations.

    Some locals hope the massive statue, which was finished this weekend, will help turn their town of 21,000 into a tourist site. But others say the crown-topped Christ is tacky, according to the New York Daily News.

    It took five years to build the giant Jesus, which features outstretched arms that measure nearly 80 feet from fingertip to fingertip. Construction costs were reportedly covered by donations.

    Poland's "Christ the King" might be the world's largest, but it isn't the only Christ statue in the news.

    After burning to the ground earlier this year following a lightning strike, Ohio's "Touchdown Jesus" will rise again. A new team of designers is hard at work on another statue of Christ.

    A crane lifts the head of what will be the world's largest statue of Jesus Christ in Swiebodzin, Poland, on Nov. 6, 2010. Dubbed "Christ the King," the massive statue rises 170 feet above the town. Construction was finished over the weekend, and Father Sylwester Zawadzki says the statue will be officially consecrated on Nov. 21.

    Unlike its predecessor, the 61-foot tall sculpture -- officially named "Come Unto Me" -- will feature a lightning suppression system, according to WXIX.
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