Windows 7 Would a better monitor help me?


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I have had an issue with monitors since the first 1080p model. What happens, every day, is that I can't keep from moving the monitor because it looks like it is facing me at an angle, no matter that I moved it 12 sec. ago, the next page or image will have me moving the monitor to compensate for my viewing angle. I know it's crazy and obsessive, and I wonder if a better grade of monitor-though not specifically 2560x1440 IPS monitors, but perhaps just a better 1080p monitor. Would a 1080p IPS monitor help me to stop moving the screen 20 times in a couple hours, as I do now?

Does this happen to anyone else, or have I reached the ultimate in seriously-anal compulsions all on my own? heh.

Thanks for any help, even if it's snarky, 'cause I know this is a weird question.
I don't have any 1080p monitors, mine are 1600x900 made by samsung. On the samsung monitor, model S20B300, they have a menu button that has a tab to compensates for angle view so you don't have to keep moving it. Check your monitor and see if there is something like that, and just go through all the settings to see what's what.
That sounds good. I really think it's more just in my head, now that I consider it more. It seems that I have some weird obsession with the monitor facing me exactly perpendicular. If it seems even the slightest bit off, I have to adjust it. I really kinda doubt that even the highest resolution monitors would help in this. I don't have a problem with the picture itself. I shouldn't have posted this before thinking on it more. hehehe.

In fact, I wonder if I'd have even worse problems if I went with a triple-monitor system. GAAAAAA!
The benefit of a higher resolution monitors is the clear crisp picture you receive, especially if you're big in to gaming or movies or even picture/movie's all about the details.

Question; what kind of surface coating does your monitor(s) have? That real shiny glossy look or the dull haze. That might be some part of the problem.
It's a matte finish on a 24". I was seriously considering one of the 1440p or 1600p monitors, but I don't want to tempt the fates with SLI and the problems I still see in countless forum threads, so I'm pretty much determined to stay with 1080p, but perhaps I'll look at some of the better 27". I don't think I'm going to solve this issue without going for a really large screen; large enough to keep my eyes away from the edges, and I don't plan on that route, so I'll just have to continue fighting the urge. What's interesting is that while in-game I don't have the problem. It's only while reading websites that have different graphics placed on the screen. Something about the irregularity of the placements makes my eyes/brain think that the monitor itself is off-center. It really is just in my head. :)

EDIT: Yes, I know that a GTX 680 4gb will game well on a 27" IPS, but I kinda like being uber-powered in games, and the IPS would strain even my card in many of my games. Oh, and thank you for taking the time to make suggestions that don't include seeing a psychiatrist. hehe
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maybe put some weird wallpaper behind the monitor so itd be like monitor-ception, or you could put an illusion behind it (one of the black and white circles or squares or something like that) so it'd look straight on all the time.

the GTX 680 with 4GB would run well on a 27", even on high settings in the game videos - try overclocking the 680 (if you can and know how) a bit, see if that would help at all :)