Would this be possible (Display related)

OK, so here is what I’d like to do.

I have my Acer Notebook as my main computer. But I also have a test/backup system (an old XP desktop). I have a 23” HDMI HDTV that I am using with my main setup (the notebook), and then the backup system has a 17” VGA LCD.

I want to know if it is possible to fool my laptop into believing that the LCD monitor is a USB device (bypassing the two monitor limit my notebook has, even though there IS a VGA port in addition to a single HDMI port, both cannot be used simultaneously - I have tried it and failed to get the HDMI, the LCD and the notebook's built-in to all work at once), but then also throw on a KVM switch so I can toggle that LCD between the main computer as the third monitor there, and also as the main monitor to the old test system when I need to use it and the main notebook PC separately.

I think I would have to put a GVA to USB cable/display port in first and then run the KVM switch cable off of that VGA port there, and then set up the VGA cabling to the KVM and the monitor to pull it off (I do not have a KVM or the VGA to USB adapter yet though).

So… possible, or only in my dreams? I’d also like to stop using two mice and keyboards, but both mice are USB and so is one of the keyboards (the other keyboard uses the old wire method). So if that won't work without some big expensive KVM, no biggie. I am planning to do this on a VERY tight budget, trying to source at least the KVM at a garage sale or other very cheap priced classified. Don't believe I would find the VGA to USB port adapter like that though...

Anyway, I want to do this because I like to game and unfortunately, unless I do so in windowed mode (which is very slow and glitchy), I can’t surf the web in the laptop’s screen like I normally do which also partially explains my still using the old computer to look things up while I game. But when I am not using that old desktop for that, I want to use its monitor for more display room on the notebook (I am a huge multitasker). If that makes sense lol.

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