Wounded Man Found in Trunk of Car After Fender Bender


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Wounded Man Found in Trunk of Car After Fender Bender

This was a fender bender with a dark side.

When a blue BMW rear-ended a taxicab in New York City on Wednesday morning, it seemed like a routine traffic accident in a crowded city.

Then things took a strange twist.

The driver of the luxury car got out and allegedly fled the scene on foot. Cops then noticed that there was a bullet hole and blood on the BMW's trunk, DNAinfo reported.

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When they popped the trunk, they found a man inside. He had been stabbed and bound, and one of his ears was almost sliced off.

The man, Akeem Ajimotokan, was the owner of the car, police said. The blue BMW 2008 M3 seems to have been the catalyst for a serious of bizarre events that almost cost him his life.

"The motive appears to be the robbery of a high-end car," said Paul Browne of the New York Police Department, according to The New York Times.

Ajimotokan, 33, an employee of Columbia University, put the vehicle up for sale on the website Cars.com.

Cops say that ad caught the attention of Barion Blake, a car thief with a taste for BMWs.

Blake allegedly traveled to Ajimotokan's home in New Jersey early Wednesday, where the two drew up a bill of sale, DNAinfo said.

Blake then allegedly attacked Ajimotokan and threw him in the trunk of the car. He drove the car into New York City, eventually getting into an accident just yards from his home.

Ajimotokan is now in Harlem Hospital, clinging to life, according to the local Fox News affiliate. Police are searching for Blake.

Ajimotokan's co-workers at Columbia describe him as a friendly man who always has a smile for his colleagues.

"He's an excellent person," said his co-worker, Wilbert Torres, according to DNAinfo.