Wow..Win 7 Did this?

Hey all-
Fairly new here at the forum. Upon installation of Win 7 RC on a partition created on a Vista Ultimate machine I have noticed some peculiar things happening when booting back into Vista ( given the choice of OS when rebooting ). I have multiple versions of Photoshop from 7 through CS 3 installed on the Vista machine ( along with several highly priced and registered plugins ). With that being said. Vista requires I now run Photoshop as Administrator whereas before hand it did not. I also had to re-register all app's within Photoshop ( the plugins ). Along with Premiere Elements. Now....
Upon disc cleaning the Vista system and then rebooting back into Win 7, I have lost the installation of IE. This required me to re-install Win 7 on the same partition giving me IE back. I have also noticed that Win 7 does not recognize the installed card readers ( flash card, Simm card ) on the machine nor the sound card driver for the creative soundcard. However I have sound.

I am hesitant on installing the soundcard drivers ( and application ) OR any other applications with the fear of causing more dual booting problems. Otherwise, I wish I had a Retailed version of this OS so I can clean install over the Vista OS and quick. It's quicker, sleeker and feels light as opposed to the 'heavy' sluggish and often locked Vista OS. I have had to use Task manager more on Vista than I ever did on XP Pro and yet to use it on 7 RC. Anyone ordered a new Dell lately and care to fess up a key for the new OS?-Irish

I've been running the RC as my only OS since the day i downloaded it. I will have to buy before june 2010 i'm sure there are ways around that but they are all illegal you would have to find them on your own. But you can clean install the RC in place of vista leaving only your card reader and sound card to deal with like i said you will have until june of 2010 to come up with the cost of Seven it's well worth it.All that card reader and sound card stuff are driver issues. i would try to fix them first but if it is all running under vista without going through any extraordinary methods it should follow that it can be done for seven.

Yeah, I know the key issue is, well, an issue I will face when June rolls around. I realize the soundcard and the flash card readers are all driver related issues that can be resolved by installing the proper drivers. I just don't know if it's worth loading everything onto the Win 7 partition ( graphic app's, digital camera app's,, screenshot app's, flash and fireworks, etc. ) when the RC will timeout in June. Granted by then I shall have the funds for 7. How does Microsoft usually do that? Do they make a person purchase a key for the OS they already have installed along with all the updates OR do they make you purchase a retail version of the OS to install? -irish

You have an option to get either full version or upgrade. The upgrade versions require you to have a previous qualifying OS i think XP qualifies but i'm not sure. The upgrade media is cheaper than the full retail but i don't believe you will be able to upgrade from W7 RC to W7 Retail or what have you and still have your apps working but i would recommend a clean install anyway you will be much happier with the results. You can still use the upgrade media (cheaper) there is a clean install with upgrade media trick AND an upgrade from unqualified OS trick which can be found on this forum just do a little searching.
Finally don't treat these answers as golden they are all gleaned from post on this board and i haven't given them all that much thought since i will clean install no matter what a little searching will find the posts you need to verify any questions we have been beating this stuff up for over a year.

When XP was released as an upgrade, I bought it and paid the $99 for the Home upgrade. I did a clean install on a Win ME Gateway ( yeah awhile back ) with the upgrade disc. I hunted online for all of the drivers, even contacted vendors personally for links to the XP drivers I needed to roll out XP. Took me awhile. It was fun. At that time, I didn't install an XP beta or an XP RC. This time around, I had to see what 7 actually offered over Vista ( considering I've only had Vista for about 2 years now ) and I like what I see in terms of appearence and speed ( hell, dinosaurs are faster than Vista ). For once it would be great to keep what you've already tested, installed, stabilized with your installed applications and drivers, set your desired settings on it. Then enter the key to Microsoft you initially got when you downloaded the RC, pay a slightly lesser price for a registration of a new key for the already installed OS and unlock it. But to purchase a retail version, wipe the drive clean, and re-install everything all over again? That really gets old, quick. --irish

Many people feel that way wich is why they offer the upgrade path. I think i am ruined by the days of 98 and ME that were so easily corrupted the time between installs where you lose the benefit of a clean nuke and reload is much longer now but i am more secure going the clean route you can find both opinions in equal amounts on here. In your case then i would recommend leaving your Vista partition as untouched as possible since you can't reliably upgrade from the RC. I don't think you have much to worry about by continuing to work on seven in the interim the damage to your vista partition probably occurred during any re sizing re partitioning that took place as now both OS's should be contained and since they are both windows (7) still sees what files are protected and hidden on Vista.

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