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I'm an iPhone user. I've always loved the way WP looks though - the live tiles are the perfect solution to the problem of having a boring grid of icons (iPhone) and the absolute mess of non standard widgets (Android).

But i'm still an iPhone user. I long for the day I can actually buy a Windows Phone, but can't whilst there are two problems with it.

1. I actually had a nokia last year, but got rid of it within a month and went back to the iPhone. Why? It only had about half the apps I needed. We're talking major apps here, before I even began to look for the more obscure ones I need. For the major apps which are still missing, why doesnt Microsoft offer to build the app for the companies at their own cost? They need to get rid of the app-gap to iOS and Android. What are they planning to do about this?

2. Which phone exactly is the phone? If i'm switching from iPhone, which do I get? I thought MS would do away with the ridiculous product catalogue Nokia had- where there were about 20 phones on the market at one time and no way to say which is the flagship. I just went on to the MS website and there were still about 10 phones there, each with very similar specs. I can't work out which is supposed to be the best, latest and greatest phone.
MS need to streamline to 3 units. The flagship phone which comes in 2 different sizes - 4.7 and 5.7 inch.
A lower spec mid-range phone for the budget conscious. Then a very low cost phone specifically for emerging markets.


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What are they planning to do about this?
Nothing... Microsoft has no plans to become iOS or Android friendly

I can't work out which is supposed to be the best, latest and greatest phone.
I have two Nokia 520 phones; my work phone is 8.1 to run my remote hyper-v work server and my home 8 phone both talk to each other, play music, gps my car if needed and I get about 30 hours out of a batty charge if just letting them be phones. These are very cheap shit phones that sell for under $50 unlocked here in Australia and get the job done but I like the 520 because it has the tap screen to wake option that new models don't carry.

Nokia Lumia 520 - Full phone specifications

The phone itself comes with a small touch screen and I don't need any thing bigger but what apps are you wanting that Microsoft hasn't got because I've never had issues with not finding apps... normaly there are way too many to pick from. Ime W8 has more music and 3rd party apps like the seagate media one that talks to my home central and I only had to update to W8.1 on the work phone because of the hyper-v app work uses.

p.s. I did try a beta of the WX build but was not impressed... maybe after they get some of the bugs out I'll try it again.

Hello Stephan,

I can truly understand the App gap issue that may users face. However, Microsoft is working on bringing the iOS apps to Windows OS. You can check for Project Islandwood for more information.
With regards to phone, currently they have the Lumia 950 XL (Flagship) and they recently launched Lumia 650 (Budget).
You can also check for HP Elite X3 that's going to launch later this year. This phone has Windows 10 OS and the specification are excellent.

Hopefully in near future they should be able to reduce the app gap because i personally like the Windows OS.

- Edwin

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