Windows 7 WPA-AES Encryption


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May 19, 2009
Hi there. I have recently installed the RC1 build 7100 on my Dell Inspiron 1300. I have gotten all devices working except my wireless card. If I turn off WPA-AES TKIP on the wireless I can connect and browse ok. However as soon as I turn on the encryption it will not connect. It seems this was a problem in vista as well but it was working with XP Pro SP3. I have tried manually entering all the settings as well as letting windows detect them but am still unable to get it working.

Thanks for your help.

PS I can't leave encryption off as this is a secured network in an office environment. I also can't change to WEP because we have approx 40 laptops that are all configured and working with the existing setup.
I had exactly the same problem, this is how I fixed it. Go to device manager, network cards, right click card, click browse, click pick from list, mine has two cards listed. One from Microsoft, go figure ! Selected my installed card, Works for me !!! Good Luck
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