WPA2 - Enterprise. Possible Password Recovery


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Hello, i'm looking to see if i can get some help regarding an issue i've been stumped on. Until tonight, i have never come across a WPA2 - Enterprise network connection so bear with me.

I recently received a work laptop which came auto-configured with passwords to my companies networks across the country, this is fantastic and all, but i'm curious if there was a way to retrieve these passwords from the laptop to use in a secondary device, such as a cell phone or a tablet.

From my investigating (and i could be 100% mistaken, which i'm hoping i am), a WPA2 - Enterprise encryption requires a certificate to allow me to connect, meaning even if i had a password, i would not be able to connect to any networks.

Does anyone happen to know of any methods to retrieve these passwords? Are my efforts a waste of time due to the WPA2 - Enterprise encryption? Any feed back is more than appreciated, thank you!