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Was running Vista Home 32 bit system. I always had problems with Vista so I wanted to upgrade to 7 ASAP. I never could get the upgrade advisior to run, I couldn't load 7 in as an upgrade either. I always got and error. I had all of my data backed up on a external so last night I did the custom install of 7. Everything went good and 7 loaded fine. Then I realized that when the screen showed the partitions on my computer I should have selected my C drive. I didn't select any drive so it loaded 7 on my Recovery D drive. I found this out when I started getting low disk space windows. I realized what I had done so I went back and reloaded 7 on my C drive and it works great. Here's the question, on my Recovery D drive I see the folder windows.old, I believe that is the old Vista program. Can I delete that? I also see a Windows folder, I believe that is 7 that I miss loaded on D the first time. Should I delete that?


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Anyone have any advice about this?

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Hi Bluesjam,
Keep the Windows.Old File.
Check what are in the contents of the Windows folder.
If they are just the previous installation files as you said, delete those. If not, note and post what are the contents here, and leave it.
Then, extract everything from Windows.Old file, onto the Recovery Partition. Then, delete the Windows.Old file. That folder should contain the files and folders from the Drive, before the installation.
Hope This Helps.

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