Wrongly matched ram sticks

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Hardware' started by PumaTheSatan, Apr 30, 2011.

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    Well, since yesterday, I know that my blue screens are caused by the wrongly matched RAM sticks (2 DDR 800 patriots 1gb each and 1 DDR 667 kingmax 2 gb). Which Ram stick should I buy to fight the incompability with the kingmax stick? I don't want to sacrifice 2 GB ram and have only 2 GB left, as then I would be barely able to play any of the modern games. Most preferable one would be a stick with 2 or 4 GB ram.

    And just on a side note, why didn't the same thing happen on XP? I've never had bsods there despite I played same games and same hardware.
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    Windows 7 is written differently and some things cause problems to keep the system stable.

    What memory you use depends on your system. The motherboard will normally accept certain types and most folks get matched pairs (triples).

    Maybe if you disclose some of the specifics of your system, someone will have a better judgment.
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    Here's my canned text on RAM wizards.

    These popular RAM makers have auto-scanning and/or manual entry RAM wizards to help you determine which RAM is compatible with your motherboard. For manual entry, enter/select the PC or motherboard make and model number and the wizard will list compatible RAM.
    Crucial - Memory Advisor
    Corsair - Memory Finder (manual data entry only)
    GeIL - Memory Configurator (manual data entry only)
    Kingston - Memory Search (manual data entry only)
    Mushkin - Advisor
    OCZ - Memory Configurator (manual data entry only)
    Patriot - Memory Search (manual data entry only)
    PNY - Memory Configurator (manual data entry only)
    SuperTalent - Memory Finder (manual data entry only)​
    The following retailers have auto-scanners and manual wizards. They sell brand name and/or "house" brand (re-branded) RAM.
    Newegg - Memory Configurator System Tool
    MemoryStock - Upgrade Configurator
    18004Memory – Configurator
    4AllMemory - Memory advisor (automatic and manual)
    TigerDirect - Memory Configurator (manual data entry only)​

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