Windows 7 WRT110 not "compatible" with Windows 7?


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I actually picked this up off of a linksys forum but the site wont let me reply so I figured I would post it here. The link to the forum is

I am having the same problem to a t, wifey's vista machine and all except I already had the linksys router. Anyone seen this before? :confused:The person replying on the Linksys site is totaly useless, please dont suggest anything he did. Please.


I just changed my netgear router to a Linksys WRT110 and have issues getting Windows 7 to work with the router. This it not a wireless issue, as the problem also is when connected to the router via a patch cable.

The thing is, that the router works fine with windows 7, as long as there is no other computers connected. Conneting my wife's Vista PC makes both computers stop working with the router. Pinging the router gives a "destination host unreachable" from the NIC.

Disabling the wireless/or lan NIC on the Windows 7 PC, makes the Vista PC work again.

I've digged into the issue and found, that the DHCP server in the WRT110 gives the Windows 7 PC a adress, but the Vista machine a address. Isn't this wierd?

I've tried to reserve an ip adress for the Windows 7 PC, but the isssue is the same- no response from the default gateway. The funny thing is, at the wireless connection seems fine and the IP address on the clients are OK, but the router doesn't respond in the route when tracing.

The windows 7 PC worked fine with my older router.

I tried to reconfigure my old router with a whole different subnet ( with and connect it to the WRT110 and connect the Windows 7 to the old router via wireless. This caused the Linksys WRT110 to stop responding again.

This in my opinion points to the fact that the Linksys WRT110 is uncompatible with Windows 7.

The firmware in the router is version wich should be the latest.

Can anybody help?

Thanks in advance.

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did you try setting the router address parameters from through Plus you can reserve the ip at a designated ip. Also theres alot of issues out theere with win 7 and routers. Also try unchecking ip v6 in network properties. [;ease repost
I haven't tried that. How do I set the router address parameters from through
Hi guys
There's still a MEGA problem with Networking in both VISTA 64 bit edition and W7 64 bit edition.

There's all sorts of "Registry" fixes which may or may not work and such stuff as setting Broadcast flags etc etc.
The problem appears far worse in WIRED connections -- Wireless on the whole doesn't seem to give too many problems (there are some but it's not so general as hard wired LAN connections).

I've got a VIA velocity ether net LAN in a laptop which just refuses to connect on Vista x-64 or W7 X-64. (get the Limited connectivity icon) to ANY router I've tried (that's 4 at work and 2 at home).

It works absolutely fine on any 32 bit OS. It also works fine on Windows XP 64 bit edition so I know it's not broken hardware .

The driver in all cases reports that its working 100% correctly.

Incidently I do get a computer hang if I try and change any parameters when the LAN is connected (on the 64 bit VISTA / W7 systems).

It would appear currently that Lan connectivity still needs work on it.

If you wireless also doesn't work either you can use a cheap 5 - 8 USD get around a fast USB ===> LAN connector works absolutely fine.

If you are using a desktop computer and your built in LAN doesn't work be careful when buying a new LAN card -- check that IT DOES work with the OS you want to use before buying as it seems pretty random as to what works and what doesn't.

Replacing a router should only be a LAST resort -- and in my experience if the LAN card fails to work with one router it's unlikely to work with another one - especially if you are connected to an ISP via a home / small office Broad band connection.

Thanks alot Kevin! I had the exact same problem with windows 7 RC1 booting me off both my PC and laptop when both were connected. All I did was uncheck IP v6 and it worked immediatly. Thanks again!
Thanks Kevin, I have a WRT110 for my home network and as soon as I added the windows 7 box the router quit talking to the cable modem. Unchecking ip6 in networking properties on the windows 7 box fixed it. THANKS