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WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

This is the Pro paid version available on yoday 1=21-09

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is the fastest DVD ripping software to convert DVDs to popular video and audio formats, including AVI, WMV, FLV, MPEG, MP4, 3GP, MP3 and much more. Besides, it also enables you to transfer the DVD movies to portable devices such as iPhone, iPod, Apple-TV, PSP, PDA, Zune, Mobile phone and so on.With both Intel and AMD Processor supported, the conversion process will be much faster than similar products yet without losing any output quality. This DVD Ripper software assists you to clip any video segment you favor and optimize the video by adjusting video resolution, change video frame rate, etc. And it is easy for all users to put DVD movies to hard drive and portable devices, thus you can enjoy DVD movies anytime, anywhere


Full review here:
[Review] WinX DVD Ripper Platinum | Giveaway of the Day Reviews | dotTech [.org]


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No offense but are you saying it's illegal?

It's basically a marketing site.

Isn't it giving away the software for free and legally ?


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It is not illegal at all.

Reghackr, I fixed the description to make it less confusing.


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OK cybercore,

That's great!:)

Finally, what a relief. :)


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I think, perhaps, you were both agreeing on the same point?
But the heavy, underlined quotation was from here:


Which was a poor google translation from an Eastern European site. I say poor, because I cannot understand it - lol. I see Cybercore has changed it for the original from the site itself - much more readable.

This was the original offer, which I grabbed at the time:


Only warning for new users is that, as you can read, you must install and, where required, licence it within the given period. It won't work a second time if, for example, you reformat and start over.

Here is an explanation of the site, and its legality. (Saves a lot of work for those who trawl for offers!!)
Computer and Net: Free software licenses daily : Giveaway of the day

A deal of the offers are rubbish and some, not many, have a time limit after you have gone to the trouble of installing it. But, on the whole, you can grab some really good stuff from the site. Worth a daily visit.

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A deal of the offers are rubbish and some, not many, have a time limit after you have gone to the trouble of installing it. But, on the whole, you can grab some really good stuff from the site. Worth a daily visit.
That's why I post the best ones, I don't post everyday:)

They are mainly from the European Eastern block and some are ripoffs of some other company, but this is legit also because they participate in an affiliate program.

There are misspellings and their web sites look like they just used a template

RAK said:
Which was a poor google translation from an Eastern European site. I say poor, because I cannot understand it - lol. I see Cybercore has changed it for the original from the site itself - much more readable.
You are right, when I read it over I was confused myself. And when posting I didn't realize it was a translation, because its first lines tricked me with their somewhat coherent meaning. The whole piece looked like:

\"shvoong.com\" said:
The only difference from the version by paying the money received is given technical support. Absolutely crack, serial, and not something like this legal. Site to pay programmers and programmers to crack the program and distribute pirated spread from the site prefer to hear more people. For each program service is distributed 24 hours, 24 hours after it is added to the site must download and install, otherwise the setup program can not receive the approval required from the site does not install the program. Each day is given for free with a paid game the same system. I followed the site since the day I would find and \"Is there a program that is able to do the job\" too many programs I downloaded and saw the benefits. If you have developed a program to contact the site if any fees received to the whole world you can distribute.
I had put this description because the right link wouldn't open at first and I thought the page did not exist. When reghackr noticed that "bla-bla" I checked the right link again, it opened, and I put it in my post. But the direct link to giveawayoftheday had always been there on top of my post from the very beginning.

When I edit posts I always write for what reason. :)


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"When I edit posts I always write for what reason"
Oh my gosh, I never do. ( does anyone care - lol) I,ll try too be not so lazy. P.S. It is often to correct my REALLY bad typing. - I blame my keyboard- the keys are not where I want them!!

Anyway, hopefully, as usual, good info came out of this. I ams sure not all are awa re of that great site.

Giveaway of the Day - Wondershare Photo Collage Studio 4.2.12

Wondershare Photo Collage Studio 4.2.12 is an easy and funny tool to make amazing photo collages and digital scrapbooks for print. With loads of ready-to-use scrapbooking templates, stickers and photo frames, you can easily assemble your photos into an artistic compilation to remember special events and preserve photo memories. What’s more, you can create photo books, greeting cards, calendars, CD covers, etc. Try to make this Easter more fun and impressive with it now!

Key features:

- Easily make collage and scrapbook using templates & decorations.
- Plenty of scrapbook templates and layouts for Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, …
- Multiple-page designs in one project
- Word art, stickers, photo frames, stamps, masks for unique prints
- Photo retouching and one-click filters such as old picture, B&W, etc.
- Magic doodle drawing for fun
- DIY personalized calendar & greeting cards
- Print directly to share anywhere
- Save as JPG, JEPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF formats


To activate the software, you are requested to register on the manufacturer’s page (full version, free of charge). Then you can get a registration code, with which you can activate the software.


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Also remember that there are no free upgrades to these giveaway offers. Many of these, are a giveaway of an intermediate level program encouraging you to
buy the upgrade program or another program offered by the same company. This practice is perfectly legal and ethical, it is just an advertising gimmick.

Edit: To new users of Giveaway, read and follow the installation instructions VERY carefully. Some are quite detailed and downright tricky and you must follow them precisely to get the freebie properly activated.

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Good point.

Giveaway of the Day - free licensed software daily

www.giveawayoftheday.com said:
Giveaway of the day project, the new initiative in the software distribution world! Every day we offer for FREE licensed software you’d have to buy otherwise.

The idea behind this initiative is that many sites and publishers offer trial downloads; but only we offer giveaway downloads. What does that mean?

Basically, every day we nominate one software title that will be a Giveaway title of that day. The software will be available for download for 24 hours (or more, if agreed by software publisher) and that software will be absolutely free. That means – not a trial, not a limited version – but a registered and legal version of the software will be free for our visitors.

The software product will be presented in its full functionality, without any limitations save for those mentioned in Terms and Conditions.

The download link will remain on our web-site for the agreed period of time, together with the review of the software product and the information about other products from the software publisher presenting the giveaway title.

Free and full versions but without upgrade or support. :)


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That is a good point and I will include it in future posts if they give away a decent program.

Today it's a screensaver which is a thing of the past (worthless)

Tidy Start Menu 3.4

Tidy Start Menu

Are you tired of searching for programs in a long “Start Menu” list? If so, this program is for you. It allows you to arrange all the shortcuts in the Start Menu.

Your Start Menu looks neat, and you can easily and quickly find any program you want. For example, you can create a special “Games” category, and when opening the Start Menu you will see a “Games” section (instead of a list of the games) in which you will find the game you need.

The Good
* Straightforward and easy to use.
* Allows users to work in two modes – “Simple” and “Explorer”.
* Provides users with a handful of categories to use to reorganize the start menu, and gives users the ability to create their own.
* Comes with a handful of supplementary features: adding icons to start menu folders, adding uninstall quick-links to right-click context menus, and searching for and removing broken shortcuts.
* Can backup/restore the start menu and import/export the start menu as XML files.
* Gives users the ability to organize the start menu of all Windows’ users’ accounts.

The Bad
* There is no way to “undo” the deletion of a category.
* All the entries placed in a category are deleted upon the deletion of a category – no way to automatically remove the entries after deletion so they can be placed in another category.
* No option in “Explorer Mode” to move start menu entries instead of copying them.

Tidy Start Menu

Tidy Start Menu screenshots

Unzip the package you've downloaded, and carefully read the instructions which you can find in the readme.txt file. This readme.txt file is included with all our downloads. Follow the instructions carefully to install and activate the software.


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Does anyone know if today's Giveaway, Tidy Start Menu, plays well with Classic Shell?


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Not at all John,

I would stay away from Tidy Start Menu.

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