Windows 7 X-Fi Issues


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I have a PCI-E X-Fi Extreme audio and cannot get my computer to recognize it.

Microsoft does not load the drivers and it lists as an unknown Multimedia Audio Device. When I try to install the audio drivers ( both the support pack and direct download from Audigy drivers ) it says no supported product is detected.

I have tried forcing drivers into the system manually and have it registering, but it will not work and the setup will still not load.

Have done Windows update and it still will not recognize.

Is there a trick to this? I just went from the first Beta release to 7100, it was working before I upgraded.
Have you tried running the drivers in compatibility mode and/or running them as an Administrator..?
I have the same card and I found beta X-FI drivers for it that allow it to function perfectly. It is a BETA driver so you are warned. Although, I have had no issues. Here's the link... Link Removed - Invalid URL
Good Luck. :)
Very nice, it's great to see developers pumping out drivers already.. even if they are beta drivers, it's still a start... and much quicker than usual.. :)