Windows 7 x800 XT card problems


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Mar 16, 2009
ASROCK AM2NF3 motherboard and ati x800xt, recognises the x800, install required drivers, on reboot the pc continuosly reboots :(

anyone have similar probs and if so how did ya manage to get around this ?????

thanks in advance.

hmm, am thinking with the lack of response maybe i didnt include enough info about my problem so here goes.

install windows 7 and all drivers needed no problem until graphics drivers.

7 recognises my ati x800xt but has disabled it it because there is a problem, i have tried the drivers from this forum and the ati beta drivers also, both have the same result, everytime i boot i get the ati message that my card has been disabled :(

i have spent best part of half a day trying to rectify this as am really lookin forward to new OS.

as mentioned earlier all other drivers are installed and working correctly.

any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks again in advance.

ok i have stumbled across this, the problem is infact my mobo rather than gpu :(

Asrock am2nf3

The Box the board comes in says it is Vista compatible, but in febuary 2007, nVidia decided to drop any form of Vista support for Nforce 2 & 3 chipsets. Works well in XP but is a complete failure in Vista.

this seems very strange as there were no errors installing the nforce drivers and everything workin in device manager.

this is very disapointing as am not ready for upgrading my system yet (or rather wife wont let me spend).

still thought maybe helpfull to post result of my problem to help anyone with similar trouble.
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