XBOX 360 as extender crashes computer

I have my XBOX 360 connected via ethernet cable and often times when I attempt to view Live TV or play a recorded show through the XBOX, it crashes the computer.

I have 64 Bit Windows 7, 4 GB RAM, 2.8 GHz quad core, 1 GB XFX Radeon HD 5670, and use the AVerMedia A188 PCIe Pure ATSC TV Tuner.

I've even gone as far as reinstalling Windows 7 with the thought that it might be a 3rd party software issue to no avail.

It does work about 70% of the time, but its really annoying waiting for the computer to restart.

Why does this keep happening and what can I do to fix it?


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What process did you use to set the xBox as an extender? Was it with WMP or Window Media Center?

I set it up through Windows Media Center.


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If it set up correctly, maybe it is related to what content you are trying to stream. Music is the easiest, does it crash the system?

I don't have an xBox, so can't test options.

Have you checked the Event Viewer to see if any errors are showing up?

I might look at the driver for the Network Adapter on the computer...

I don't play music through the extender very often, but have never experienced a crash.

The Event Viewer does seem to have a critical error when the crash occurs. Here's a pic...


The driver for the Network Adapter is up to date. Is there something else I should be looking for in regards to this?


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The Kernel Power message is a result of the other problem.

If you are actually getting a Blue Screen crash, you can check the BSOD forum for instructions on what you might need to get the crash analyzed.

You are saying live video, so I assume recorded video streams normally? If the system is decoding, recording and streaming at the same time, it might be causing the system a problem. Have you given any thought to more memory? Using 8 G in a x64 system really improves the memory performance. I don't have any experience with your video or tuner card, but I assume the system works fine if it is not streaming.

There is also a troubleshooter in the Control Panel you might check to see if any troubleshooters could help.

You might also open an administrative command prompt and type sfc /scannow to check you system files. It might find something out of place.

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