XBOX 360 as Extender on WMC7

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Networking' started by npatrick7, Aug 22, 2009.

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    I have been reading with interest Optic-Flare's thread. I did notice there seems to have been no resolution. I cannot get my two XBOX 360's to communicate (via hard wire) to my WMC7 PC.

    Three things I have noticed: 1) Xbox Live connections work fine, 2) the Media Center Extender Service can be set to AUTO and Started (along with the other three vital services - but upon reboot it (the MCExtender Service comes back as a default "disabled" and 3) both Xboxes communicate OK with a PC running Vista Home Premium using the same network.

    I have tried about everything I've read and after three solid days of not getting past the "configuring Computer" and NEVER past the "searching for extender" I am close to reinstalling Vista back on this PC (I hate to even think of doing that!) I have tried many times turning off and on the Windows fierewall and AVG anti-virus.

    I would appreciate any advice before I terminate this endeavor. Thank you and Greetings from Texas!

    Pat Patrick
    Grand Prairie, TX

    One other thing of note: When checking the Event Log: Everytime I try a connect it shows an "Error 538: MC Extender setup failed as the extender was detected on the network but the UPnP search for extenter failed (timed out after 20000ms)". I have a D-link router and UpnP is enabled along with multi-cast.
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    Okay, maybe we can trade off here. You say that xbox live works fine with W7. I cannot get ICS to work in W7. It works fine on XP and Vista, settings are the same across all 3 OS's. Anyway, here is how I was able to connect to WMC with my 360. Hope it will work for you. Remember to remove all instances of 360 externder on your W7 PC.

    PC outputs IP address of through NIC. IP on 360 is static ( Pressed MC button on remote. 360 said it couldn't locate my PC. No prob, click continue. You will be given the 8 digit key on the next screen. Go to your PC and start WMC if not already running. Set up your extender and enter key. Should connect fine for you. If it doesn't work the first time, enter the key again and press Enter. Hope that works for you because W7 WMC is ALOT better than vistas.

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