Windows 7 XP corrupted when trying dual boot install


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Apr 1, 2009
I had a 2nd hard drive in my HP Pavilion which runs XP SP3 so decided to create a partition and then boot from Win 7 build 7057 DVD and install. Windows started and got its startup files from DVD then saw screen with "Windows Starting" followed a few seconds later by blue screen with a STOP message. Tried a couple times, same thing.

Then disconnected 2nd hard drive and booted system normally to go back to XP. This also started fine, I logged in, then blue screen with a "registry hive" corruption !

Got everything back by using an image backup from a few days before so only wasted a few hrs.

Anyone else had this STOP message when trying a dual install and then had original operating system corrupted ?

Fixed by BIOS update

Just to advise that updated the BIOS on the HP and now it installs OK. BIOS was late 2005 before upgrade now is mid 2007.