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Hello all,
I have a problem with Windows XP.
When I have used it for a random time (usually 3-4 days) XP crashes, the screen shows lots of colorful lines what are blinking. Then I need to restart system from the power button.

HDD: 500GB
GPU: Nvidia GeForce 8300
CPU: AMD Athlon 7750

And I use standby mode.

How I could solve this issue?

Hi there.


Copy the files in there to any other folder then zip them. Attach the zip to a post here. I'll have a look for ya.

While you are waiting for a reply, you can go ahead and install the latest video card driver:



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Do those files contain some personal information ?

Absolutely none whatsoever, not in the least. Only hardware and driver information, along with debugging information on why the crash took place.


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Do I need to uninstall something before installing new GPU drivers? Or do I just run the file?

The newest file of a crash is from September, so if you've installed or changed anything since then, it is not included at all and for that reason, it is impossible to fully look at everything. But let's fix what we can:

1) Update the Realtek HD Audio driver. Run it once, reboot then run it again:

RtkHDAud RtkHDAud.sys Tue May 20 05:53:21 2008


2) Extract my attachment to a folder then go in the 32 folder inside of it. Double click the .exe to run it and it will update this old driver that needs it. Do not worry about how the file says Win7:

ASACPI ASACPI.sys Thu Aug 12 22:52:52 2004

3) Definitely update the video card driver from the link in my post above:

nv4_disp nv4_disp.dll Sun Sep 27 20:21:53 2009

4) If you still have issues, uninstall Sun VirtualBox. Then after, if issues continue, post new crash dumps. Also include a screen shot of a free program called CPU-Z. We need to see the memory and spd tabs.

Good luck and enjoy.


Do I need to uninstall something before installing new GPU drivers? Or do I just run the file?
Just run the file and it's good.


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Thank you for your instructions. I´ll try them later this day.

But, I had Sun Virtualbox in my computer some times ago, but uninstalled it. When I installed it, my computer crashed. In internet connections list there is still "Virtualbox Host-Only Network".


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I am really sorry for delayed answer, I have been very busy these days.

now I tell you about installation process:

step 1) I tried your link given,but it shows some chooses to me. And I don´t know what to choose.
step 2) I went to 32 folder and double clicked exe file, then command line appeared,and after very short time, disappeeard.
step 3) I done it and succesfully installed.
step 4) I looked for ´Sun virtualbox´ in revo uninstaller & Remove program dialog and it does not show it (please look my post above)

Attachement: Cpu Z program photos



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Hello again, hopefully you could response.
There is an other problem.
Some times when I wake my computer from standby mode it gives the startup "beep" sound and after going some steps it shows SYSTEM BOOT FAIL . press f1 to continue, and I press,then it continues starting.
Why this happens?

Post new crashes if they happen.

The memory is set well in the bios, so you can test overnight with Memtest86+ 8-10 passes. If any errors show, replace the RAM.

I checked the folder,and there is no any new files.. but how I could test the memory ? could you please give link to program? And does it harm my computer?

thank you very much =)

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