Windows 7 XP file Explorer

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May 23, 2009
I love 7, (except for the library nonsense), anyway even though I am almost totally happy with 7, there are times I would prefer to use the XP explorer, or make the 7 explorer function like XP. The big thing is I want the "common task" task pane on the left side of the screen. I also want to customize the toolbar with the buttons that you can add. (the stop, cut, copy & paste, etc...). Don't get me wrong I do like the way the 7 explorer is set up, however when doing certain things XP is just easier.

Also, how can I set all folders to open with tiles instead of the list. I have tried changing a folder, clicking on folder options> view> apply to folders. But, when I open the next folder it is still the list, and the original folder has changed back to list view.
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