XP lost network share created on Windows 7 after a couple of hours

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I'm sharing somes folder located on my Windows 7 Ultimate 64 for other workstation (XP and Vista). I made every step and everything is working very well for a couple of hours (4 to 6 hours), after that, the connection seems to be lost between XP and Windows 7. I still can ping 7, but I cannot get the share, a windows come up "cannot connect, you dont have rights...". Vista still can see 7 but weird things happen (some files cannot be reach). I have another Windows 7 workstation who dont have any problem to connect with the other one.

The only thing to do to restore the share is to reboot 7 workstation. Also, I made a test on the 7 workstation with the command "NET SESSION \\xpcomputername /delete" to kill the session of one of the xp workstation who lost his network share and it worked ! His session have been reactivated.

Now, my question, how to be able to get a stable network sharing without any drop ?

Find a working solution !!!!!

Hello, I finaly found a good solution mylself. Default configuration of Windows 7 (and Vista) for Network sharing is not well balanced. This must be fixed in registry.

1. I found in event viewer (Administrative Event) a lot of SRV error #2017. This error is directly related with lost network sharing (Xp --> 7).

<2. Start RegEdit, go here an set the following registry key to "1" :

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\LargeSystemCache

3. Set the following registry key to "3" :


4. Reboot Windows 7. You will never have Network share drop again.

Reference :

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