xp machine not visible from W7 machine


I regularly encounter the same problem that i can not access or see a XP machine from my W7 machine I could see before in my network. The strange thing is that remote desktop still works. The other way around stll works: I can see the W7 macine on my xp machine.
The only solution I can use to fix the problem is to do a system-repair.
At first this issue appeared after updating ms defender definitions. But yesterday it appeared just after a new startup without any update or change of settings on anything.

I'm completely dazzled about the cause of this problem.
I would like to know the real issue so i can use a proper fix instead of doing a system-repair every now and then.

any suggestions?


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XP Machine not visible from Windows 7 machine

There seems to be a problem with the Network Explorer Refresh feature on Windows 7.

If all the network settings on the Windows 7 Machine and the XP network machines are correct ( WORGROUP, network discovery, file sharing, sharing on and password protection off with 128 bit encryption windows manage on ) then you should be able to ping the XP machines (if the firewall is not blocking the comms)

If you can ping the XP machines but these are not visible in the Windows 7 Network Explorer, then click the blanck space next to Network > on the top of the screen (in the network taskbar). Press spacebar refresh (F5) or type \\computername and the XP computers should become visible.

Have pretty much the same issues, have 2 XP machines connected to my Win 7 PC. One XP machine is visible the other XP is not visible on my Win 7 PC.

Both XP machines see and communicate with my Win 7 machine.
Win 7 PC can communicate with both XP machines.

Driving me crazy

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