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Microsoft has released the final version of Windows XP Mode. Windows XP Mode is a virtual Windows XP environment which can only be run under Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate or Enterprise editions, allowing older applications designed for XP to be used in Windows 7 without any compatibility issues.
It's limited to 2 d software. Not very useful if you are a gamer. I guess you could play whacky wheels though
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Is this eventually going to be made available for use with all versions of Win7? I have Windows 7 Home Premium and
I suppose that's what most folks are running since it's what comes installed on most new computers.
i would enjoy this very much for premium, i have several uses for xp. is there a version that works with premium in general? this could answers alot of problems for me, quite honestly. i like 7 but its just different in small ways that make it very hard for me to operate.

anyways thanks for this notice, reminds me to keep an eye out for a premium release, if there will ever be one.
There is a workaround where you can use a GENUINE version of XP, install some extra components and enjoy Windows XP-mode for Home Premium.
my Windows 7 Ultimate cant install the XP mode.. it says virtualisation is not supported by my motherboard, is there any other way how i can use it?
What is this workaround, please? I have Home Prem and want to use some form of XP Mode. I also have a genuine XP disc. But why won't MS let us use XP Mode with Home Prem, I downloaded it because they offer Home Prem in their dropdown list but they don't tell you it won't work !!!

That is actually better than the XP Mode that comes with 7. From what I remember of running it when it first came out, you had to have Virtual PC 2007. So it doesn't have unity mode. All XP mode for Windows 7 is a virtual disk and setup files for Virtual PC 2007. It's a legal copy for those that don't have one any more or at all. If you get Virtual Box, VMWare Workstation/Server, Virtual PC, Xeon....or what ever vitalization software you want, you can do the same thing, in any flavor of Vista or 7. Also it doesn't restrict what version of the OS you us, or if you can use Linux/Unix. Heck some of them will even let you run Solaris and OS X. Just with these alternatives you have to have a copy of the OS disk(s) to install from. Me personally I like VMWare Server cause you could get it free for giving them an email address.