XP Mode - Lauch links in xp mode in windows 7, ie7,8,or 9. Help

My entire organization in currently running XP, however we are thinking about going to Windows 7 if i can get this to work.

We are using Siebel 7 Production in order to manage our customers, and this only runs in IE6. This is fine since we are still using XP and actually this is the reason we are using XP.

I have setup a test computer with Windows 7 and XP mode and have published the link for Siebel to Windows 7 so I can just launch it from the desktop. Great!!! The issue that i am having is that we are in the middle of developing a replacement for Siebel, and this requires us to move our data to Sharepoint 2010. Within Siebel we have always used a link that opens a webpage to customer purchase history that is hosted in Sharepoint. With moving to Sharepoint 2010 IE6 is no longer supported, we will need IE7 or above.

My question is, when i click on that link located within the Siebel IE6 window, how can i get it to launch in the brower in windows 7, and not in IE6 XP mode? Is there a way we can change the link to force it to open in the actual windows 7 browser?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hello Paul,

I am not one of the Windows experts here, but I do use XP mode quite a bit for the same reason you do, software compatibility. I doubt that you can do what you want from the XP Mode virtual machine. However, you might be able to get it to work by launching your XP mode app directly from Windows 7. I have tried launching an XP Mode application from Windows 7. That worked. I then clicked a link in the app and it successfully launched my Windows 7 web browser on opened the correct page. IE6 probably will not show up on your program list under "Windows Virtual PC" but there is a pretty good "how to" website that explains it pretty well: Run Windows XP Mode Applications in Windows 7 [How To] | Software Guides | Windows Tools, Help & Guides . It is a bit complex but once you have it all set up it should be easy to use. Another simple idea is to simply copy the IE6 link to the clipboard and then paste it to the Windows 7 browser. Who knows? Sometimes the simplest solution works best.

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