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Hey everyone,
I just upgraded my Mobo and CPU and installed Virtual Machine and XP mode so I could use my Nostromo game pad for COD WAW and it installed fine but when I go to load the game I get an error telling me to insert the correct disk in the drive. WTF? It sees the disk in the drive on Xp mode but it won't play the game. Any ideas? Belkin still hasn't made drivers for this controller to be used in 7. I have the N-50 not the N-52 which I understand works in 7. Bah.

Because XP Mode can not be used with Gaming.
It doesn't make the proper needed connections of any system to fully support virtualization for Video, etc.
XP Mode is intended for Buisness Users mostly, that have software whose developers either refuse to update the software to work with Vista/7 or it is too old and no longer supported by (X) company.

Here's a novel idea, try your XP drivers in win7. My webcam worked fine in XP but there were no vista drivers for it and the XP drivers would not work in Vista, but lo and behold, they work in Windows 7, it's always worth a shot. That or hook yourself up with an X-Box 360 usb controller :p Freakin awesome on a PC they are.


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Thanks. Well that explains that. Looks like I'm in the market for a new game pad.

Actually, the XP drivers comment is not a bad idea.
You may have to use the Have Disk Meathod, but they might work.

For my aged webcam I used the installer. Same goes for my Wireless card. When I installed Windows 7, it didn't install drivers for my card and I had my XP drivers backed up on a partition, even they worked... well as well as any Belkin Wireless card can work. I've since switched to a much better wireless dongle.

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