Xp on one HDD, 7 on another

I have XP installed on my old HDD.

I bought a new HDD and windows 7

I installed windows 7 on my new HDD, my old HDD was plugged in at the same time of the installation.

Everything runs great. I then put my pc back together, leaving my old HDD out, as i only want my new HDD with 7 installed, the old HDD can go hide in the cupboard.

When i did this, i couldnt boot into windows 7, so i plugged the old HDD back in and i can boot into windows 7.

I'm guessing it something to do with the Boot order in xp, but i have no idea how to fix this.

So far i have checked the boot order in windows 7 which is set to:
Windows 7 (C:\windows) Current OS ; Default OS

I tired repairing 7 by booting from the dvd, but it couldnt locate the 7 installation.
I also tried playing around with easyBCD but nothing worked

So this must mean the boot isnt working for windows 7 without the other hDD

Any ideas? I want to somehow make sure windows 7 will boot from the new HDD without the old HDD being plugged in.


Bummp, anyone??


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Where are your jumpers set?

Hello! I would think that the master boot record is on the old hdd with XP. If you just want 7 you'll have to reinstall 7, although someone with more expreience might have a fix to install the mbr on the 7 hdd. Good luck! :)

yeah i want to do it without re installing if i can :)

I have no jumpers on either of the hdd's

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