Windows 7 XP: Physical to Virtual Machine & Share Boot Drive w Host? Best way?

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    XP: Physical to Virtual & Share Boot Drive w Host? Disk2VHD vs VMWare P2V?

    XP: Physical to Virtual & Share Drive w Host? Disk2VHD vs VMWare P2V?

    Physical-to-Virtual - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    My Thinkpad X61T with recent 8GB DDR2 Upgrade:

    I have an XP Pro 3 instance on a HDD able to use 2.99 GB RAM. I can backup bunch of data files to make size smaller.

    I have a Win 7 x64 instance on another HDD that can use most of the 8GB RAM.

    Now, I'd like to do two things:

    1. Virtualize the XP instance and create a Virtual Disk/ Virtual Machine, with all of the Programs & Settings intact.

    2. Run this XP on top of Win 7 x64 Host and "Slowly" Migrate Files/ Settings/ MetaData etc. from GUEST XP to HOST machine.

    I'd prefer to be able to SHARE "the C: or Boot Drive" between the GUEST & HOST machines (as it is mounted/ running) and be able to COPY some Specific Files/Folders using ROBOCOPY/ RICHCOPY to maintain attributes that could/ easily get lost with any other copy method.

    Thoughts/ suggestions, experiences, comparative reviews on using Software/ Tools out of the above listed page and how could go about doing both the things.

    Please do let me know. Thanks.

    UPDATE: Some advise/ suggestions I got on another forum was..

    I've used VMWare and Virtual PC a LOT in the past, but not used in a long time. I know some functionality for items 1 & 2 exist but wanted to get a comparative idea between the various options LISTED in the Link. I guess I was a little out of touch when I realized so many products existed just to do P to V. I remember only VMWare had that for a while.

    For me the ability to "share" & "copy" these files is critical. PS: Also, I may or may not have enough storage on the Win 7 x64 drive so I'll have to run the guest VM from a USB 2.0 HDD. Would that work okay?

    For now, if the suggestion give by someone from the other forum still holds..:
    What are the pros vs cons of Disk2VHD vs VMWare? (Given the specifics of my scenario?)

    Esp Sharing Drive & Copying using RoboCopy/ Richcopy (To maintain Modified/ Created Dates .. Wish there was way to keep Accessed Date)
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    Re: XP: Physical to Virtual & Share Boot Drive w Host? Disk2VHD vs VMWare P2V?

    I want to be able to RUN the XP instance inside Win 7 x64 until my Win 7 x64 and the Programs/ Applications / Preferences & Settings / Bookmarks/ Chrome Extensions & Settings are all at the same way and safely setup.

    I am wondering if I can do an iPhone <> iTunes synch with the Virtualized Machine?

    I am not worried about it but since this P2V and post-migration will be time & energy consuming, I'd like to do it faster.

    I was just wondering how both of those would be different? If there was a comparison chart / matrix for them, somethings would be different? In terms of flexibility and features.. and in terms of Performance / Time when Converting from P2V and post conversation usage performance. Any thoughts on which is faster/ better? If they are different, there's gotta be some differences right? What am I missing?

    I also read somewhere that Disk2VHD Disk can also be used inside VMWare. I am guessing opposite direction may not be true for VMWare created image?

    The only comparison I found between both of them: VMware Converter vs disk2VHD – Myriad Of Things

    Unfortunately, it is not an apples to apples comparison. Maybe you can read this link and derive more insight on what would be better/ faster?

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