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Discussion in 'Windows XP Help and Support' started by OkinawaBob, Aug 9, 2010.

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    I have an XP-machine used as a back-up to my Win-7 machine via a LAN. The XP machine had to have a motherboard replacement (a new but less-enhanced Gigabyte board). I have a Gigabyte CD (but not a floppy disk) which came w/ the new board.

    I boot w/ the XP Pro CD and I indicate that I have a 3rd party disk. XP install loads from the CD and asks me to place the vendor's disk into the A drive. How can I get XP to find the Gigabyte CD in order to install the XP Pro pgm?

    Someone x-ferred the correct (?) files from the CD onto a floppy for me. When I attempt the install again, the pgm. asks me to put the floppy into the A drive and hit enter. I keep getting the same msg. to place the disk into drive A and hit enter. The floppy drive or info on the disk is obviously faulty(?). I'd like to use the CD drive to find the install files.

    Thanx ahead of time for any help w/ this.
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    Exactly why are you using the 3rd party disk?
    Everythng XP needs to install is on the XP disk.

    The only exception to this is if you are running a SATA drive as your boot disk in which case you need to load a third party SATA driver for the install process. This should take about 6 seconds and then you're back to the XP installer disk.

    In your BIOS find the SATA mode setting and switch it to "Compatibility" or "IDE" mode. Then you won't need the extra disk at all.
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    Windows XP SP 2 should have the necessary drivers already packaged with it. If not:

    Method 1:

    During the install, Windows will prompt you to press F6 to install any third party RAID or SCSI drivers.

    You can browse the support CD for 'drivers XP' folder and copy those drivers on floppy(-s). If you don't have the floppy drive, you can substitute it with a USB floppy.

    Method 2:

    Manually create and burn XP install cd with the needed drivers, using nLite.

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