XP to W7 Wireless Network Problem

Hi Guys, I have 3 Dell systems running Windows 7 Pro. One I use as a server.
All 3 are networked via cat5 cable and working just fine.

I have added an older Dell running XP Pro with a Wireless Adapter and the Windows 7 systems can see and access the xp system but the XP system can see the Windows 7 systems but can't connect. Well it connects to one of the W7 workstations but not the one I use as a server.

It keeps telling me "You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions."

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong.



Noob Whisperer
If you are using any type of third party programs.....firewall, (Comodo, Zone Alarm) or internet security suites (Norton, McAfee, etc.) make sure that you have taken steps within the individual programs to allow or trust the other machines on your network.
Additionally, it will help if you have a username and password on the Windows 7 machine (server) that is the same as the username and password that you use to log onto the XP machine. Not mandatory, just makes things easier.

Thanks for responding. On the W7 system I use as a server I do have the same user name and password as that of the XP system. This hasn't helped.
The firewall is windows own and the only Antivirus I have is the FREE AVG. I can see no problems with either of these.
Is this perhaps a wireless issue and would it help to cable it instead or is this a W7 issue. As I stated previously, I can see the server and the other 2 workstations from the XP system. If I try to access either of the two work stations I get a login screen, and I assume I use the login name curerently on the WS's to login, but that don't work either. Accessing the server I get the message as mentioned earlier. I can access the XP machine from any of the W7 systems. Can't help thinking this is going to be something very obvious and I'm going to kick my own *** for not spotting it.


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Have you tried prefacing the username with the Windows 7 machine name followed by a backslash then the username on the windows 7 machine then of course the password for that user. Something like
Windows7MachineName\UserNameOnWin7machine (in the prompt username box)


Noob Whisperer
As an aside;
I have seen AVG cause similar issues. But I don't believe it was the free version.
In any event it wouldn't take more than a few minutes of your time to uninstall just to confirm, and reinstall it if it proves not to be the solution.

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