XP to Win7, DVD drive doesn't recognize the Win7DVD

So i'm trying to install 32 bit on my old xp computer. I've followed the steps to a T and everything checks out. I insert the disk and nothing. I go to my dvd drive which the win7 dvd is in and it appears blank. At first i thought great they gave me an empty disk so i popped it into my work computer and the disk comes alive and wants me to upgrade to win7. Has anybody else run into this problem?

Probably a silly question but, are you sure the drive is a DVD and not a CD drive?

yes, i have a CD rom drive which is useless and a DVD-Writer/CD-Writer drive which is the one i'm using.

Hi Drew, yes one of my drives is a CD/DVD reader and writer but truth be told i've never played dvd's on it. I'm not familiar with what you mean by an In place upgrade so i'll do a google search on that when i get back from eating way to much food.

Thanks Drew and Joey :)

also just to note, i don't play dvd's because i've never bothered DL a dvd decoder, codec i think its called i'm sure someone can chime in to correct me :). Could this also be causing issues?

Drew thanks for the informative post. To answer your question yes the drive plays and burns CD just fine, it even burns onto DVD-R, but does not play dvd's. I got this computer as a hand me down from my brother when he upgraded so its very possible i'm missing some drivers, i'll spend some time tomorrow seeing what i can find.

So i just took a look and i have a HP DVD Writer 300n, drivers provided by MS, Driver date 1/7/01 version 5.2.2335.0. so the drivers i'm using are 8 years old lol :eek:

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