Yahoo messenger keeps crashing all the time

I dont know why but yahoo messenger keeps crashing whenever i join chat room after few minutes. i try reinstalling several times even used old versions till Version 6 of yahoo messenger. i try reinstalling java, dxwebsetup, flashplayer but it do same thing. and it is really annoying when i am chatting and it suddenly stops working. please help me to solve this. i am using Win 7 Ultimate 32bit.

Thanks in advance

My first guess would be you're using too much resources and it's freezing up your computer. Can you fill us in on the info for your computer (type, processor, RAM, OS, etc..) and the hardware you are running. What other programs do you have running (including those in your tool bar, background updaters, etc)?

i am using hp dv5 intel core 2 duo 2 ghz 3gb ram, Windows 7 ultimate 32bit. i tried this think. when using yahoo messenger i switched off all unnecessary operations even stopped windows update but it still crashes. i tried to change the compatibility mode in its property and the crashes minimized but it is still there. in compatibility mode i used Vista.

Hmm.. perhaps it isn't a resources issue if you shut everything you could think of off and it was still doing it. When you reinstall yahoo do you redownload the file or use the one you downloaded first? A lot of freeze up issues with win7 can be attributed to reg errors and if you just delete and install over you may not be fixing anything. Try cleaning the registry after deleting yahoo and restarting the puter. If you don't have a reg cleaner Ccleaner works well. Tuneup Utilities makes a much better program though (it's a pay one unless you use a dated free version or a newer hack [be careful with any hack]). Then redownload yahoo from the web again.

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