Windows 7 Yamicsoft Windows 7 Manager Beta

So far the only one I've tested is Yamicsoft's Windows 7 Manager which as its beta is free currently...does much the same as Vista manager did, lots of handy tools and tweaks, although always read the info before enabling them and make sure you have a restore point in case you naff summit.
Well I am interested to see what is being done. Maybe you can post like the top 3 tweaks you have so far, or a few tweak regarding speed? Maybe a tweak on how I can get my bluetooth menu to open up?
Thanks. Anything relating to shutting down, memory usage(I have 3gb I want to better utilize it), or bluetooth?
Well when BT was working the bt menu was not opening up and I was looking for bt stack upgrade or something(I think I have seen some for WM devices). I guess I thought if I uninstall the drivers then reinstall it things would work, but I guess it did not as my bt wont even turn on(or is it off I can't really tell). Thanks

You have any tweaks on getting MSN messenger to show up in the notification area like in older versions of windows.
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