Yogi Bear Arrested in Utah

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    After years of snatching picnic baskets and duping park rangers without consequence, Yogi Bear appears to have finally been trapped by police in Utah.

    Officers from the Utah County Sheriff's Office apparently captured the famed Hanna-Barbera character on fishing without a license, immigration charges and other offenses.

    Yogi's cartoonish mug shot appeared on the Sheriff's Office website earlier this week, listing the suspect as a 60-year-old who stands 5 foot 8, weighs 490 pounds and has already been released on bond.


    But Yogi might be smarter -- and harder to lock up -- than your average bear.

    According to The Smoking Gun, the Sheriff's Office says the cartoon mug shot is just a piece of computer training or a testing exercise. That means those in the vicinity of Jellystone Park should continue to keep their picnic baskets under close watch.

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