"You are right people did not trust us"_Steve Ballmer

Internal email at Microsoft released to public ... (By US Court Judge)

"You are right people did not trust us"_Steve Ballmer
From: Jon Shirley [mailto:JonS@orchard.ms]
Sent: Friday, February 16, 2007 5:51 PM
To: Steve Ballmer
Subject: Vista

I upraded one of the two machines I use a lot to Vista. The most persistent and so far hardest to fix issues are both with MSN products, Portolio In MSN Money and Music (downloads that I had bought in the past).

The other machine I will not upgrade as there are no drivers yet for my Epson printer (top of the line and in production today but no driver yet), Epson scanner (older but also top of the line and they say they will not do a driver for) and a Nikon film scanner that will get a driver one day but no date set yet. If I had purchased a new machine I would be in the same situation since the Nikon driver is used by current production as is the Epson printer. I cannot understand with a product this long in creation why there is such a shortae of drivers. I suppose the vendors did not trust us to us (sic) enough to use the beta for drivers testing?


From: Steve Ballmer [mailto:Steve.Ballmer@microsoft.com]
Sent: Sunday, February 18, 2007 11:40 AM
To: on Shirley
Subect: RE: Vista

You are right that people did not trust us have you checked windows update I assume you found no drivers there either?? Thanks


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