Youtube and online music players not playing

Okay, so I have not been able to play youtube videos. It shows that it loaded but it stays at that black screen and won't play. And so i tried playing music on pandora and and those don't work at all either. I have tried uninstalling adobe flash player and reinstalling it and it still doesn't work. So then I reinstalled Java and STILL doesn't work. :rolleyes: So I would REALLY appreciate it if someone could help me.
And I have no idea what "bit thing" I have going on either.

Youtube requires flash player to be installed... there is no 64 bit flash player .. so if you are running windows 64 bit you have to use IE in program files (x86)\internet explorer..... or some other 32 bit 3rd party browser.

I simply renamed my \program files\internet explorer folder (you can't delet it.. but you can rename it)

THEN I copied the Internet Explorer folder from \program files (x86) to my \program files folder ... so my Win 7 64 bit would always be calling the 32 bit version.


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I am assuming you have normal sound otherwise?


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Just a suggestion. Maybe you should post your query in the Youtube forum. It's called the water cooler here. Whoosh, who is very active there with Youtube, will surely have an answer for you.

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