Youtube freeze freeze freeze!


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Youtube freeze freeze freeze!
Windows 7 x64 - Firefox - All the latest drivers.
Anyone with a better idea than Flash Global Storage Settings i did change with no results.....



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Hello, and welcome to the Windows 7 Forums. Next time, before posting may I please ask you take a second to properly categorize your thread.

Could you provide us with some more details? This is likely caused by a browser problem or grahpics card driver issue.
Please bost back with system specifications, things you have tried and any other information you think may be helpful
Thanks :)


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(1) Test your Flash and Javascript from the following web pages respectively.

Link Removed - Invalid URL

(2) After you restarting the browser check for the addons required for playing the video are enabled or not. To view them goto Internet Options, select Programs Tab and click on Manage Addons.

(3) Try by uninstalling any newly installed softwares or some software which you think those might causing problem or try by System Restore.

And, for 64 bit browsers the Addons are not available yet, try 32 bit browsers.

I hope these help you.