Ok... So youtube uses flash player... i have the X64 version of the windows 7 . 2 Days ago i can remember i surfed youtube with no problem watching movies but now... when i enter the youtube address and try tow atch a movie it tells me i need to install the Flash player. I can't do that since Flash Player doesn't support X64. This is the main problem. I don't know how did it worked before.

PS: it worked with Internet Explorer, now it doesn't work anymore, installed Google chrome and tried with it ... same problem.

Please provide me with some support here :(

I'm also running Win7 X64.

It includes two versions of the IE8 web browser: 32 and 64 bits.

The Flash player can be installed, and will run, in the 32 bit browser. (Not so in the 64 bit browser.)

I believe that there was a problem a few months ago with the Adobe website refusing to install the Flash player on a 64 bit version of Windows. (I think it affected Vista as well.) There was a work-around: an installer could be downloaded and run locally. That is no longer necessary: my current Win7 X64 install was a clean installation, and I was able to install Flash auotmatically on the web. YouTube works fine (but only in the 32 bit browser).

I can't explain your problem, unless you have somehow managed to set things so the 64 bit browser launches as the default. (Normally, the 32 bit browser is the default.)

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