YPbPr dongle from Laptop to HDTV


I just upgraded from Vista to 7 RC. I use my laptop a lot to watch DVD's on the 42" plasma in the living room. I use the ATI dongle to go from the back of the laptop and hook up component cable to my TV and output at 720p, worked flawless in Vista, looked great.

I just setup Win 7 with the same drivers, cable, etc. and it won't let me activate the output for component, only standard TV which nets me a black/white output on the TV instead of color...

It's very strange because I can see the icon in the connected section of ATI control panel, yet when I click it to activate - it looks like it starts to go, then stops.

I've tried about 5 different ati driver packages and all of them are doing the same thing.

Has windows 7 incorporated some way to prevent YPbPr output?


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This doesn't answer your question but I have mine hooked to my HDTV from the DVI output on my computer through an HDMI adaptor to the TV. It works fine. I got the wrong cable. That's why I had to use the adaptor.

Sorry I can't tell you about YPbPr.

Yea, I have that on my main HTPC, works no problem.

Anyway, I got it going, I had to use PowerStrip, which then got me into another way to setup the multiple monitors, and that way worked. Very strange that I couldn't do it natively via the ATI driver control panel...

Most probable is that the drivers are not fully 7 ready.

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