Z Cinema broken after 17763 update...


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W10 Pro x64

Core i3-2130

4gigs ram

Radeon HD 6670

Logitech speakers are plugged in via usb, after the update the software is basically broken, volume/audio adjust does nothing, it's either on or off (can not turn speakers on or off from taskbar, can only use remote control). Tried reinstalling, tried a different port (also tried volume adjust in youtube, which seemed to work https://trackeasy.fun/usps/ https://showbox.tools/). Latest update was '08, so Logitech won't be any help. I've been meaning to get new speakers for awhile, but I haven't had any issues until now. Headphones plugged directly to motherboard also work fine. So it's obviously windows, should I just rollback the update? It was quite large, and took a while (not that it matters, just saying).

Wonder if the drivers are just so old, Microsoft gave em the boot :/
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