Zip File Icon Problem...

I somehow got my regular .zip file Icon to look like this: .ZIP File Oops... on TwitPic, when it used to look like this: Here's what I did right before it happened, (I think this caused it.): I right clicked on a .zip file on my desktop and clicked open with, then Windows Explorer. I don't know why, but now the look of it is akward. I don't know if I have anything like WinZip or anything that I know of, but I know I don't have WinRar. That's all.


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Have you tried right clicking and choosing Open With and then choose default program?

The only other thing I might suggest is to right click on what you use to open the Zip program, click properties and then Change Icon under the shortcut tab.

I use whatever Windows 7 comes with to open Folders, Files, and ZIP Files. I think it's Windows Explorer, but I don't know. As I said before, the problem arose from me Right Clicking, and accidentally clicking Open With HP QuickPlay, then Right Clicking again, and clicking Open With Windows Explorer. I've tried everything that's been suggested, and I don't want to download WinZip, WinRar, or anything else. Thanks. ~Mystery.


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I guess I do not know why your icon is changed to the explorer icon, but I just changed mine to a notepad one and then back to the Zip icon. As I mentioned this was done using the right click, open with dialog box.

Where it says Windows Explorer, I double clicked it and the icon came back to the basic Zip folder. The program opening the .zip file will still show as Windows Explorer, but the desktop icon will be a Zip folder.

Whatever it looks like, it should open with Windows Explorer.

Well, that's what others said that I brought this up to, but as you said, when I open it up, it opens with Windows Explorer, but the Icon doesn't change. Thanks though. ~Mystery.

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