Windows 7 .ZIP/paperclick and "Cancel" button TopLHS


I'm running Widows 7 Ultimate on a Dell PC (I've got the RAM to install). For a long time I did not have what follows. Recently it appeared, stayed awhile, and then has reappeared.....for good ? In my bottom tray, 3 icons to the right of the Start button, an icon has appeared that has backgound colour the same as all else, but has .ZIP on top in red, and a paperclick in strong blue below. At the same time (these things come and go together) is a yelllowish button with the word "Cancel" written on it. Something needs correcting....I'm scared of the registry...but if you have an answer or can forward this to someone who might, I'd be mightily grateful. (I cannot correlate this with any particular program....I've been busy installing and uninstalling). Thank you for taking an interest.


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