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Hi Pat,
Happy belated birthday! So sorry I'm a bit late, I hope you had a fantastic day. All the best, Ross.
Cheers mate - three quarters of a century!
Wow, congrats!
Acting at the nexus of design and computer science to give life to your brand. I'm a designer and this is my work.

I am Kashan from Ivacy here. I would like to know of the possibilities and the procedure to advertise on Windows Forum.

Please do get back to me when you read my message. I am also available on Skype, Google Meet, MS Teams, and Zoom so let me know if calling would be a better option for you guys because I am okay with that too. :)

Hoping to hear back from you soon.

Kashan Bin Tariq
Thank you for the bithday wished Pat.. Hope your keeping well during these crazy times.. :)
Happy Birthday to you @kemical. I feel so warm reading all the great comments from everyone.I am New and I am Awosoji I have a passion for the computer but always afraid of codes, terms, and formulas and all..but the way you all talk computer here is so interesting and alluring... kinda make me wanna be like you guys. I am glad to be here. I am Awosoji
I posted a question in the vmware community and got 1 response, that said that I need a newer computer, I replied back saying that I am retired and don't have the money, no response. can I run a virtualized xp on my laptop, as I would like to use older programs that won't work on Windows 10.
I don't see any response from you yet which is why you got no more replies and yes Xp runs well as a V-system inside Windows 10

yes there are cheep options around but they don't work well and ime are not worth the effort
I'm an 80 year old man. I enjoy my computer though it can be frustrating at times. The first machine we had was one my wife (a Paralegal) brought home from work around 1987-88. The attorney gave it to her as they had upgraded. It had an 8 inch floppy that held the OS. I don't remember the make of the machine.
Are we allowed to put personal political statements up here ? I am not a member of any political party but passionate about remaining in Europe. So I say
DON'T VOTE CONSERVATIVE. Take it down if you like but don't exclude me from the site please.
you can vote for whom ever you like mate

if you post links here I will remove them and if you attack people that vote different to you I will lock | remove as needed
Keith W
Keith W
Don't worry. I won't attack anyone. And thanks for letting me express my view. Appreciated.
Lol I’ve thoroughly enjoyed drinking remainer and labour tears over the past month. Extra bitter too, delicious
I have windows server 2012 R2 and installed and configure ISS on it. I have parched SSL from Goddady. I have added Intermediate certificate from MMC and complete certificate from ISS but at the time for binding ssl to site its not showing on listing.
So please help me out this issue.