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Dear Bear, thanks for your continued support of the website. Highly recommended. Kind wards, Mike
Hi, I could not find my post for help with "no default email client found" and paperport scanner software will not start.
Search don't seem to work
Added you as a friend in STEAM so you just need to ok it. So next we need find a time to play. I'm around whenever so probably best if you tell me when you'll be about and we'll meet up.. :)
Busy as ever but flying off to Sunny Beach, Bulgaria 17th May - killing two birds with one stone - getting two weeks of sun and doing a bodyswerve on the "the" wedding - I don't do royal stuff.
Hi Mike, it's Jim Bailey (reghakr). It's been a long time as I was hired as a IT Specialist. I was also hired as an independent contractor for PC Tools (in Australia. PC Tools was bought out by Symantec/Norton around 2012. Do you think I could be a asset to the forums again? Thanks Mike.
I'm pretty sure that is not even a question, Jim! I hope to see you on here more. Also we are on Skype.
Hi Kemical, it's been a very long time. I got a job as an IT Specialist at our library. I had to take a disability pension due to my back problems. I also worked for PC Tools as an independent contractor. Symantec/Norton purchased them in 2012. I'm hoping to come back to the forums. I've kept up on current trends. What do you think?
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