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Hi Neemobeer, could you direct me to the link on this forum on how to speed up boot time for Windows 8.1 please ? Thanks
Newbie. Not me in my grav! Fair play to those of you who can tell me who he is. A hometown hero.
I almost missed wishing you a Happy Birthday Pat! Hope you had a wonderful day, all the best, Ross.. :)
Thanks Ross. Birthday's been good and had much more to celebrate on top - so all been good!
Hi Nomad of Norad,
My name is Devin, and I am the nephew of Joan Leclere, SysOp of Elsinore. Joan died yesterday at the age of 84. I don't know if you knew her or not, but you referenced her and her BBS in a post on your Webring website. I am reaching out to anyone who knew Joan or used Elsinore. I hope to catalog and preserve users' experiences with Elsinore. Please email me: I hope we chat.
Nomad of Norad
Nomad of Norad
Ouch, sorry to hear she'd passed. oO I definitely have fond memories of Elsinore, though. On the other hand, at age 84, she had a long and rewarding life.
Dear Bear, thanks for your continued support of the website. Highly recommended. Kind wards, Mike
Hi, I could not find my post for help with "no default email client found" and paperport scanner software will not start.
Search don't seem to work
Added you as a friend in STEAM so you just need to ok it. So next we need find a time to play. I'm around whenever so probably best if you tell me when you'll be about and we'll meet up.. :)
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