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    black screen when resuming from sleep

    Thanks, I got the G33/G31 updated.
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    black screen when resuming from sleep

    I think I have all of my specs listed now.
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    black screen when resuming from sleep

    This is the only problem I'm having with 7. Everything else works great. I just set the power settings to never go to sleep.
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    Will I Lose all of my music if i upgrade

    I agree with richstacy, I did a clean install of 7 then when to itunes and downloaded the new software and my music was all there.
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    2 User's

    My clean install of 7 when great. Everything is working fine and I feel great about 7 and I want to thank for some help from the forum. Here's a simple item I need to do. When I had Vista I set up 2 user's. One for me and one for the wife. I had a problem of opening something on my side and...
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    I did a clean install of 7 and then went to itunes and downloaded the new version of itunes and it worked great.
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    Office Home & Student 2007 - install problem

    I install Office Home and Student 2007 on my clean installed 7 and it worked good.
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    Windows Mail used in Windows 7?

    I think that Live Mail looks and works great with 7. I imported my contacts and it's ready to go.
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    MS Office will not Run

    I did a clean install for 7 and then loaded Office 2007 from the disc that I got with my computer (which had Vista). Office worked great, no problems.
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    Love live mail-hate messenger- how can I...?

    I downloaded Live mail but didn't check Messager and it didn't install it. By the way I really like Live mail also.
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    Windows Live Mail contacts?

    I had did a full backup to an external and after I loaded Windows Mail I just imported them and it worked great. But I don't know where the transfer files holds the contacts.
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    I did a clean install of windows 7. Went to itunes and downloaded the fresh verison. I had my music backed up so I wasn't to worried about restoring my music. Guess what, went I opened itunes my music was there with all of my playlist. I think it had something to do with being registered...
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    7 won't wake up

    I had a good clean install. Was using Vista, glad to see it go. Everything works great, even got my 1394a card and my Firewire box to work. All software and all drives work good. I really like 7 but, it won't wake up after going to sleep. Have to do a hard shutdown/boot. Default power...
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    How to Mark Drive as Active

    Thanks for the reply, I will give it a try tonight.
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    How to Mark Drive as Active

    Looks like what happened to me has happened to others. When I installed 7 it put it on my Recovery D drive. Then I installed it correctly on my C drive. Now when the computer reboots I get the screenshot that shows Windows 7 twice. Somewhere on this forum I saw someone post the procedure to...