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    For birthday i am getting a...

    I have one more question:If i install windows 7 on a second partition,can i uninstall it without uninstalling everything else on this partition because all my games are on this partition?
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    For birthday i am getting a...

    Can't i just do a simple dualboot?I have vista 32 bit installed.
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    What browser are you using?

    Avant browser...
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    For birthday i am getting a...

    well a very poor friend of mine is downloading it so...Thanx for the tips and sorry for my bad spelling because i am from croatia...
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    For birthday i am getting a...

    windows 7 beta build 7000.Now could anione tell me step by step how to install it?Any special tips?It will be a 64 bit version.
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    Windows 7 Win7 beta 1...

    When do you expect windows 7 beta 1 to be out???
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    People love Code name Mojave, which is really Vista

    I am having it on a pc which does not even meet the minimum specification and it runs good,only had trouble with the drivers for wlan but now it is ok...
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    Microsoft Sphere

    Just another surface project...
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    People love Code name Mojave, which is really Vista

    but could they run it very high...
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    Windows 7 Wallpaper pack

    The se7en(i mean the 7 instead of V) is blatantly ridiculous to me as an OS name...
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    How much longer can Microsoft keep quiet about Windows 7?

    Nothing till the first leaked beta on pirate bay...
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    Sidebar removed, new "Aero-based" themes

    I actuallb pretty much liked the was ok.
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    Under promise, Over Deliver?

    Hmm,you guys got pretty much off topic...
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    Windows Versions

    Because all versions are not for every user... Vista home basic is mostly for house usages excluded for games, Vista home premium is the gaming version, Business and enterprise are for businessmen And ultimate is the version that ''has everything''!
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    Win 7's new taskbar

    huh,looks like the new interface is ready...