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    USB error message

    Hi Helpifican, There is no yellow trangle in Device Manager, so I guess it is not the USB hub on the motherboard. In fact, I had no idea what a USB motherboard hub was, so this is great information. I don't have another phone, but I will try a different cable. Thanks a lot !
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    USB error message

    Thank you for the info Helpifican. How can I tell if the Hub died?
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    USB error message

    Hello, I use my cell phone to connect my Dell laptop to the Internet,using a USB cable. I have Windows 10 on my laptop. Up until recently this worked perfectly with no problems. But now I keep getting this error message that says my USB device is not recognized. Can anyone tell me what the...
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    How can I enter brightly colored text in the subject line of my email?

    Hello, my Mom is approaching her 70th birthday and I would like to send her a happy birthday email with a brightly colored: Happy 70th Birthday Mom text in the subject line of the email. Is there a way that I can do this? I have Yahoo mail and gmail accounts. Thank you
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    My folders are opening up half size.

    Hello, I have Windows 10 on my Dell laptop computer. Sometimes when I click on a folder to open it, it opens half size. Of course when I click on the maximize icon on the top right, the folder increases to full size. But I was wondering how I can make my folders always open to full size. Thank you
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    Unable to install backup on my hard drive

    Hi, I am running Windows Visat on my HP laptop. I have backed up my hard drive to an external hard drive using the Control Panel. But when I tried to use the Restore option in the Control Panel, it instructed me to restart my computer and click on the F8 key. But when I did that I didn't see...