USB error message


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I use my cell phone to connect my Dell laptop to the Internet,using a USB cable. I have Windows 10 on my laptop. Up until recently this worked perfectly with no problems. But now I keep getting this error message that says my USB device is not recognized. Can anyone tell me what the problem is?

Thank you

Try to reboot both first. If that does not help I had this issue with a Hub and turned out it was just the hub died. The PC knew there was a device but it could not get hardware information from the hub.
Also check device manager and make sure there are no yellow triangles, if there is try uninstall the USB and reinstall.
If in the device manager there is a yellow triangle something is wrong with the USB hub on the mother board. If so try delete and reinstall, try to see if there is an updated driver. If none of this works not much you can do as the hub is integrated to the MB.
If no triangle try different port on the laptop, different cable. Do you have access to another phone to see if there is an issue with the phone? Do you have access to another PC?
This will help you to determine if the PC is the issue or the phone.
Hi Helpifican,

There is no yellow trangle in Device Manager, so I guess it is not the USB hub on the motherboard. In fact, I had no idea what a USB motherboard hub was, so this is great information. I don't have another phone, but I will try a different cable.

Thanks a lot !
I would also look in the event viewer > system log for error messages and more details about the failure.