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    Will XP run on a SSD?

    In most cases yes.
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    Stop W10 Search From Loading

    A easy fix: Use Image File Execution Options and block the Windows Search exe.
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    Windows 10, Version 1903, 19H1, May 2019 Update SuperThread

    Seems good, hitting the download, thanks.
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    Blue screen 2 times a day for months...HELP!

    I don't see blue screen for a while, what sites do you normally visit? Could be a RCE.
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    Can I re-use my Windows 10 licence for an OS reload on same PC

    Yes you can re-use your product key to reinstall the os.
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    Can I re-use an Outlook 2013 installation when doing an OS reload on my PC

    I don't see the reason to use Outlook 2013. Why not use thunderbird portable?
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    Windows 8 using up a LOT of space, why?

    You can use a disk space program but the best method is to format and re-install Windows 8.
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    Open links in Microsoft Edge using .vbs script

    Both are calling the edge protocol. Great job.
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    Disk 100 percent and slowing down pc

    And after iCUE, Microsoft OneDrive (32 bits)...
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    x86 installers for URL Rewrite 1.1 (or 1.0) and Application Request Routing 1.0

    @TedRCooper - Try your search on google narrowing down the results can give you the files you are looking for.
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    Free win 7 for testing ?

    Nice advice @Neemobeer. Creating a virtual machine with windows 7 can run a program dedicated for Windows 7. Nevertheless @anotherwindowsuser have you tried compatibility mode?
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    PC freezes when wifi randomly disconnected

    This powershell command doesn't work for me. Do you need WiFi connection, if not, why not plug the cable from your router directly to your computer and avoid connecting using WiFi.
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    Need help with my PC, ping spikes

    1 - Check your disk for errors 2 - Defrag your hd 3 - Free up space 4 - Login to your router and update to the latest firmwire 5 - Reply back with status
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    Which partition should I delete?

    Follow the instructions from @ussnorway